We have a nice group of international students, expats and families. Welcome to our church family!

Finding your way in our church.

We have a lot of international students, expats and families. Every Sunday we meet at 10 am in our church. About 50% of our songs are English and the rest of the service gets translated simultaneously.

Wether you’re in Leeuwarden for one year or longer, you’re in welcome one of our international groups. They meet every week to pray together, read the Bible, get to know each other and have lots of fun. This group has been a home for many internationals in Leeuwarden!

Connecting, growing and making a difference


In the small, safe setting of a Connectgroup friendships are being built and life-change is happening.


Being part of a Team is a great way to get to know people and service the church and people.


During the whole year we organize fun and interesting activities for young and old.

Feel free to contact us